⇜Premium Stainless Steel Rolling Pin & Silicone Pastry Mat⇝


I purchased this rolling pin and pastry mat for someone who loves to bake, and I was kind of wanting to get her something since she was mad at 🙄 me and I’m not going to bore you with the details… Now I’m not good at baking, and stuff but I had to try it out of course for this review, and who wants to give a gift to someone that is mad at you, and then they get more pissed at the fact that it doesn’t stand up to what the 🤷 product claims to do right??

Now on to my review…

I opened up the famous over sized amazon packaging  that of course has more air than the package itself, lol… And found the cute little box that you see in the pictures, so I was like hmmmm wondering where’s my 🤔 mat?? But of course like my husband always says I jump the gun, and always speak before I look, or think… Shhhh don’t tell him that he was right, lol.

Anyways, I opened the box and there is my silicone pastry mat beautiful with measurement, times, inches, temperatures, I love the fact that once it’s down on the counter it won’t move, or budge so it’s no stick, non slip (so no need to worry when your trying to roll, or cut fondant except if your me cause I can’t cut straight for the life of me, ). The mat is very large the measurement is 23×16 in so roughly about 60×40 cm. It’s like a beige/tan with a reddish or orange red trim, and writing. You also don’t need to spray it or add grease, is super easy to clean simple soap and water, no space on the counters no problem leave it flat, or roll it up and tuck it away in a draw. The best part is you can bake on it to roughly about 400-425°F, so if you measure something on it you can leave it right there and bake on it, I made empanadas but since I’m not a baker I won’t show you what that looked like .


Now down to the rolling pin, what I loved about that was the fact that although I don’t do fresh dough for my empanadas yes I bought the made ones, but they are not big enough to fit everything I normally put in it. So this pin helped me rolled it out to make it a little bigger, and the rolling pin I didn’t have to flour it, WHY do you ask, I will tell you why… READY?? Wait for it…  You can put the pin in the freezer, and it helps to keep the dough from sticking to the pin, how cool is that? It’s heavy duty, and it will cut your working time in half!! There’s 3 different wheel height adjustments, and it’s so easy to change them with a screw piece at the edge. It’s easy to clean, you can wipe it off, or wash under the kitchen faucet with warm water, and soap. Another good advantage of this pin being stainless steel all around, it’s much more sanitary than the wood ones so there’s no worries about any piece of wood, or splinters getting into the dough or getting stuck in the wood crevices!


The pastry mat is both freezer, and oven safe up to 425°F, and the rolling pin is freezer safe.
Less germs the rolling pin is made from a food grade type of 18/8 stainless steel and silicone, so no need to worry.
The rolling pin is easy to use there’s no more guessing with the adjustable rolling pin because it lets you roll dough from 2 mm, 6 mm up to 10 mm for perfect results each time.
100% Guarantee Moco Trading 247 offers a 100%, lifetime money back guarantees for the lifetime of the product.

None to be honest, but like I mentioned earlier only time can tell for sure.

So far I have this only a few days, so only time can tell how long this will last but I guess I can always come back and change my review but from what I can see I don’t think it will happen. So I recommend this pastry mat, and rolling pin combo especially for all the bakers out there, and even the non bakers like myself, but no really it’s for everyone. I will be buying more of these as they also will make great Christmas gifts!!!

If your interested in buying this Stainless Steel Rolling Pin/Silicone Pastry Mat please click the link below👉amazon.com/…B01M8G8BVY/ref=cm_rdp_product


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