⇜Black Fitness Tracker Watch⇝

When I first took this watch out, I was impressed I love the simplicity look of it, not to masculine like my Blaze, but not too feminine that a man can’t wear it either, I got the black as the green sorry was not pretty looking… The first thing that caught my eye was the mirror type screen at first I was like hmmm 🤔 this is weird how can you really see anything with this screen??? But then when I was really inspecting the watch, it was like BOOM it’s a mirror… C’mon ladies you got to love that walk around checking your makeup without carrying a mirror?? Cute guy comes up you want to check your teeth especially after you’ve eaten I was like man I’m in love  just with that fact.

Now this isn’t like the Blaze that you tap the screen, you have to push the button on the side, the first push shows you the screen with Time, Date, Battery Level, and Bluetooth Icon, HR Monitor, Miles Walked, Steps Taken, Calories Burned, Sleep Recorded. This watch has a app that you download just like you would the FitBit, which I did it’s easy to set up, and use. It does store you data but it’s only for 3 days, so if you want to keep track of your information I suggest at the end of the day check your stats, and logged them daily. It comes with a USB charger no wall adapter but you can get any wall adapter, and use I used my Samsung one and it worked fine. The charger which I thought was cool was not a plug, its magnetic so kind of like the iPhone, which is cool.

Now to my review…

Like I said I purchased this on the 25th of Oct, and I received it on the 27th so I’ve been testing it since then. I really wanted to give this watch 5 s but I couldn’t, let me tell you why I only gave it 4 s… The steps were off, roughly about 800-900 or so which is not too much of a major deal but you want to make sure that the steps are accurate otherwise it then throws off your calories burned, and mileage walked… So to me for that reason I couldn’t give it the 5 ‘s, and a 💯 review.

Now let me tell you the reasons I felt it deserved the 4 s, like I said I compared it to my Blaze – HR spot on, Sleep same, as for notifications works good not as detailed but the watch vibrates when you get a text msg, or a call. You can’t see whose calling, or read the text msg but at least you get the alerts. You get data that automatically syncs from your watch to your phone’ ”through Bluetooth, but make sure you check it daily, and logged it since it erases after 3 days. Now as for being waterproof I wasn’t that brave  to go do water aerobics 🤽 while wearing it since it’s a gift and I don’t want to chance it. But I did do other normal stuff that I would normally remove my watch for like washing dishes, laundry by hand, and even took my angel  of a grandson a bath with no problems. The band is adjustable, feels very soft, and it’s comfortable fits both the hubby and I perfectly fine . Another feature that I like is that it has these little reminders so that you can get up and move, if it detects that you haven’t moved for a while you get this kind of a weird dancing  lady vibrate, its cool so it’s perfect for those that work in an office and get wrapped up in paperwork, and such.



Compatible with the typical smartphones via Bluetooth 4.0 -Android 4.3 and IOS 7.0 above.
Affordable watch with the following tracking functions; Heart-Rate Monitor, Sleep Tracker, Message/Call Alerts, Calories, Pedometer and Alarm.
MIRROR, well the watch screen is a mirror finish but to me it’s a mirror!
It’s waterproof doesn’t really specify how deep, or how long but the few splashes it got from me didn’t damage it so I would way at least it’s water resistant.

The steps are incorrect, hence throwing the calories burned and the distance walked completely off. If they can fix this with a update, or something I would be willing to come back and change my review from 4 ‘s to 5.

Other than that I recommend this watch for the features, options, and the price for those that don’t have it in their budget to buy one of the higher end ones. Also it’s a nice stylish watch, that might I say doesn’t look like it’s a fitness watch looks professional, clean, simple, so yes I do recommend! So go out there, and let’s get 🤼 physical, 🚵 physical… I ⛹ wanna get 🏋 physical ok I’ll stop now, 🤓 lol!


If your interested in buying this Black Fitness Tracker Watch please click the link below👉amazon.com/…/B01LZVBJXF/ref=cfb_at_prodpg



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