⇜Eklead Effective Electronic Ultrasonic Pest Repeller⇝


I purchased this pest repeller because my problems are spiders, I like in NC and we good for spiders in this area. I hate them with a passion. So, when I saw this, and saw that it was 8 frequencies I had to try it.

Amazon’s packaging was perfect for this, and protected so I can’t complain there compared to some of the other packaging I have gotten from them.

I will say the first few days I was a little skeptical because I saw a lot, but then I remembered that I was warned it would happened as the high frequency noise that we can’t hear but they can will drive them to leave so they started coming out of the woodwork so to speak, lol…

So, I waited for about 3 weeks to write this review, and I can now say that without a doubt I can give these 5 stars. Not only have I not seen a spider, but not even a water bug that we normally get after a good rain and we got a hurricane and guess what no water bug, lol.

I will be buying another one since this covers only about 1000 sq feet, and my house is over that. So I will get another one, and highly recommend this to anyone who is looking for a safe way to get rid of bugs without any of the chemicals especially if your have kids in the home.



🔸Safest way to keep a pest-free home without the use harmful poisons, sprays or traps which can be harmful to kids, pets and the entire household.

🔸Works by emitting ultrasonic, electromagnetic, and mechanical waves. You can select to work individually, or in a sequence.

🔸New flashing blue LED light with High-Low auto switch. Has eight different frequency waves which can be selected easily.

🔸Money back GUARANTEE there is a one year satisfaction. Eklead will be there to help its customers work out any problems. If you don’t like it or you don’t see any difference, they will offer you your money back.

🔸This rodent repellent device is supposed to be effective against rats, bugs, roaches, mice, spiders and even mosquitoes.


🔸In the middle of the night if you’re a light sleeper, the flashing blue LED light might cause you to wake up. I easily fixed the problem by taping a tiny piece of black electrical tape over the blue light.

If you’re interested in purchasing this pest repeller please click on this link 👉amazon.com/…/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o07_s00

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