⇜MKFY; Bluetooth Wireless In Ear Stereo Headphones⇝

I purchased these bluetooth headphones in my quest for looking affordable earbuds, but with decent sound quality. I have gone through several pairs from high end, to really cheap, and still have yet to find a pair that not only sound decent enough, but that also lasts, and doesn’t disconnect, among other things.

Let’s talk about Amazon’s packaging… They messed up on this one how they put a soft package in a envelope? I posted pictures below so you can see what the package looked like when I got it. I’m just glad that the headphones seem to sound ok so far…


This headset eliminates the need for a dangling in-line remote, with just the touch of a button, you can turn the earphones on or off, change the volume or track, and even answer, or end calls.

These earbuds were designed to stay put during physical activity. I would says due to the flexible stabilizing ear hooks, they’ll not only stay firmly anchored to your ears, but maintain a fit that’s comfortable to everyone. The ear hooks mold to your ears, so you don’t have to readjust them endlessly. That will leave you free to enjoy countless number of any outdoor and physical activities in any season.

They are very comfortable, and pair easily, they are compatible with iPhones, iPads, Samsung Galaxies, android smartphones, tablets, windows, and other devices. I can’t vouch for durability yet, since I’ve only had them for a few days but they look and feel very sturdy. The cord connecting the two earpieces is long, but seemed easily managed with that thingy that’s included (not sure what it’s called) that allows the user to attach the cords together to keep from losing them.

I can’t comment on sweat resistance because when I do work out but I don’t sweat to the point that I’m dripping in sweat. I haven’t gotten that far yet, lol 💪.



Wireless bluetooth headphones with Bluetooth 4.2 technology, compatible with many portable devices.
Ergonomically designed so that it doesn’t fall out, the premium materials make the wireless headphones small yet comfortable with 3 different size soft earbuds, and hooks, they’re also sweat proof so it’s ideal for the gym, jogging, walking, and other activities.
They sound nice, clear and you can hear the bass. They are lightweight, portable, and not big or clunky like some of my other headphones.


It only gives about 3-4 hours of play/talk time, but it does have about 90-100 hours of standby time… 

If you’re interested in buying this Wireless In Ear Stereo Headphones click here👉amazon.com/…I/ref=cm_cr_ryp_prd_ttl_sol_0


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