⇜360 Degree Rotation Adjustable Universal Stand/Holder/Mount 7-10.1 Inch Tablets⇝


Ok first off I saw this stand and I had to get, I have been actively looking for a stand for my Samsung Tab S 10.5 tablet for a while now and not really finding anything that I was interested in. I did have 2 tablet covers, that can be used as stands but not really the same as just a plain old stand.

Now the as says 7-10.1 inch tablets, but mines in 10.5 and fits just perfectly and it’s not tight either. So just wanted to throw out there that tid bit of info, and that most likely a 11 inch can fit there too.

Now to the review, this is a wonderful product for you to buy for your tablet, Kindle, Fire or iPad. You can maneuver this holder to stand up, to be hung up or just laid flat so you can be able to view movies or carry on a conversation hands free while you are multi-tasking and trying to get things done.


What I like about this stand is that it has a handle on it that makes it easier to carry with you, so less chance of dropping. You can put it on a hook like I do while I am washing dishes, or soaking in a bath and trying to watch a movie. You can also use the handle to stand the tablet up on your desk or you can move it in different angles that would be easy for you to see in all directions. You can position the handle to lay flat so that you will be able to use on a flat surface.



🔸You can rotate this stand 360 degrees, view in all angles, and free angle adjustment.

🔸Portable handheld, desktop and hanging option. Expandable grip holds tablet vertically or horizontally.

🔸Easy to attach, detach, lightweight and spring bracket opens from 168-205cm.

🔸Great for video chat, watching movies and reading eBooks on your tablet in your home or office.

🔸Compatible with iPad, iPad 2, the new iPad, Kindle, Nexus 7, certain Samsung Tablets, and other 7-10 inch tablets.


🔸The only negative thing that I can say is that the little happy face hook that came with it, I wouldn’t use it to hold the tablet as I don’t think it’s strong enough. But I will say I haven’t tried it I just didn’t want to risk it.  But this doesn’t affect my decision at all, and I still give it 5 ⭐’s.

If your interested in buying this 360 Degree Rotation Adjustable Universal Stand please click the link below 👇 amazon.com/…6/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_product_top

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