⇜Premium Large/Jumbo Vacuum Storage Bags⇝


These space saver bags are awesome for putting those things away that you don’t need, but don’t want to get ruined from storage. I love that this set comes with a hand pump to remove the air so when you’re on the road have no access to a vacuum. Which truly makes these totally portable as well, these bags are large, and super large, so I can’t imagine any type of blankets, pillows, or items that you would want to store safely that wouldn’t fit.


They seem to be of excellent quality, they also stayed well deflated, and so far, there haven’t been any leaks in or out they are still as tightly sealed as the first day I pumped the air out of them, for the both comforters, and the pillows. The bags will keep your items protected against mildew, water, dirt, dust, insects and odors. I know for the water part is so true as we had a leak come through the ceiling, and no water got into the bag, I also personally threw in a few dryer sheets to keep a nice fresh scent.


You can also use these bags for traveling as it allows you to use much less space. I had pack my suitcase for a trip to PR, without worrying about my stuff being all over the place. Gave me a lot more room inside of it so I had no wasted space. Another good reason to use these bags when traveling is when your suitcase needs to be checked in, not having to worry about TSA agents going through your clothes because everything is all nicely secure, and sealed.

I love these bags, I organized a lot of the clutter in my linen closet especially with all the king size comforters, and sheets sets you won’t be disappointed, because I know I sure wasn’t. The large bags measure 31 inches tall, and 22.5 inches wide, the super large ones are 39 inches tall, and 31 inches wide.


🔸Comes with 8 unique double-zip seal, triple-seal turbo valve bags; 4 large/ 4 jumbo, stays sealed, no air leaks, and it’s high quality.
🔸They are sturdy enough to be used again and again hence saving you money, and it’s environmental friendly.
🔸Comes with a hand pump to remove air for traveling, or if you don’t have a vacuum totally portable.
🔸Protects your blankets, pillows, towels, clothes, and helps keeps them smelling fresh.
🔸FU Store offers a 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE they want you to be HAPPY, or if there is something wrong with the bags you can return the bags, and they will REFUND your money!


🔸The hand pump works slowly, and kind of a workout for your arms but like I mentioned in the pro section it’s a great bonus!

If your interested in purchasing these vacuum bags please click on this link 👉amazon.com/…/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o07_s00

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