⇜Magnetic Erasable Chalkboard Monthly Calendar⇝


Okay, here’s the deal… I’ve been seeing these magnetic erasable chalkboard monthly calendars all over, with the bright colorful liquid chalk markers and I had to get one… Well today I got mines, and I couldn’t wait to put it up, I felt like a little kid at Christmas who 🎄couldn’t wait to open 🎁gifts…

This dry erase calendar is great! It looks stylish, sexy, and pretty. I love 💜the black 🖤 color of it, because it catches the eye. The calendar is very well constructed the entire back part of it is the magnet not like the normal ones that bring magnets just on the corners. I am so glad they did that because it adheres to the fridge well. My 5-year-old grandson tends to go in the fridge a lot, and somehow my other calendar, and dry erase board always seems to falls off, so with this one it’s not going nowhere!


Now as for what type of markers works best for the calendar I did try the regular dry erase, and used the ones that came with it which was the liquid chalk markers and HUGE difference. I highly 🖍recommend the liquid chalk markers better, especially the bright colors which stand out better against the black. I also found that a chisel tip marker is handy since you can use the wider angle for the larger words, and the tip for the small words.



🔸This monthly calendar board measures 12×16 inches, perfect size for the refrigerator. You can also use at the office on a file cabinet, at a school, or anywhere you need a stylish calendar.
🔸The dry erase board is of premium quality, durable, strong, reusable, solid, smooth material, and affordable.
🔸You get 2 free liquid chalk markers (red & yellow) to try it out, and see how nice it looks so no real need to go out and buy more, unless you’re like me and like things to be bright, and colorful.
🔸It’s perfect for chores, schedules, events, meal plans, appointments, errands, and anything else you might need a daily reminder in.
🔸The board is also easy to clean with a dry or damp wipe just a FYI I prefer to remove it from the fridge when wiping because my fridge is white, and some of the color transferred but it was easy to wipe just didn’t like the extra step in having to wipe the fridge as well, 🤣 lol.
🔸GleeGoods offers a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE- LIFETIME GUARANTEE so if something happens to it, they will provide you a new one! You can’t get any better than that!!


🔸I wish the boxes were a little bigger, as I don’t write small and I take up a lot of space but other than that no real cons per say.

If your interested in purchasing this stylish, sexy magnetic black dry erase board, please click on this link  👉amazon.com/…/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o05_s00

Thank You GleeGoods

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