⇜Cellulite Cream & Deep Muscle Relaxation Cream⇝


I must say I was skeptical about this cream but I read how it can do a couple of things and I had to try it. So first let’s talk about the muscle relaxation reason. My husband is a retired Marine, and as any Marine will tell you once a Marine always one. When he workouts it’s till he is sore, and aching. So, we tried this cream right after his workout, and just before he went to bed and he said he woke up with not one ounce of joint or muscle pain works much better than icy hot.


Now let’s get to the reasons I got it for which was for cellulite, firming, and the slimming effect. I have had this hot cream now for a few days now I don’t see a big difference. Since it’s only 3 days can’t see much on the slimming side but I will update in a month’s time. But what I can tell you is the feeling after I put the cream on, you get this cool tingling then warm sensation reminds me of the mint peppermint patty commercial, lol. But seriously you only need a thin layer it’s that strong, so if you think this jar won’t last your wrong. I rub it on my belly, and thighs, then wrap in saran wrap, then with my thermal waist trimming belt along with my thigh bands. All I can say is that the results so far are impressive! My skin is smoother, and get significantly softer after each use!


♦ This thermogenic hot cellulite cream helps to fight unwanted fat cells in the thighs, hips, buttocks, & abdomen areas. You massaged onto the skin, then the ingredients begin to improve the blood circulation to help tighten, firm, and smooth your skin.
♦ The powerful naturals oils peppermint, eucalyptus and chamomile in this intense hot gel help alleviate aches and provide relief to those sore muscles. Works effectively making this a must have muscle relaxing cream for after workouts.
♦ It’s 100% natural, and 87% organic New York Biology carefully formulated this cream using a holistic approach. It’s loaded with nutrient and antioxidants including Vitamin A & C so it nourishes and hydrates your skin at the same time.
♦ This Cellulite Remover Cream and Muscle Relaxer Cream was made in the USA can’t get better than that, it’s also made using the highest quality ingredients. Produced in a FDA approved cGMP facility it does not contain alcohol, parabens or sulfates and is cruelty free. The end result is a natural cream that penetrates and absorbs into the skin quickly to help with two common problems.
If you are interested in buying this cellulite remover cream & muscle relaxer please click here 👉🏻 Cellulite Cream & Deep Muscle Relaxation Cream

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This is a page I originally started to post my ramblings my reviews for items that I have gotten from Amazon. Those items I may have gotten at a discount, or free, and even though a review was not required I posted one because I love to review. But now I have evolved to reviewing my beauty box subscriptions. Once my blog is moved to a self-hosted site in the next week or so I will start my ramblings with my depression, my curly mess, and my confessions of my weight loss struggles... I hope you will follow my blog, and if you can relate to any of my struggles maybe we can help and support each other. God Bless
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