⇜TOUCHBeauty Vibrating Magic Brush⇝


Okay TOUCHBeauty is now my go to Walgreens/Walmart store I’ve been checking out their store finding other little things that I feel I can use. For instance this vibrating magic comb, sounds funny right well my husband thought so. So a little background on why I purchased this, I have damaged my hair so bad from the years of flat ironing that it was literally breaking off. It was thinning out, and not growing back. To make matters worse after several surgeries the toll it took on my body made things worse. So here I am checking out the store I come across this brush, it looked like a normal brush so I figured skipit. But just as I was about to exit the page the words rejuvenate effectively to prevent hair loss and regeneration of new ones to arouse deeply-slept hair follicles caught my eye…


So I start reading and I’m like no way so my hubby said babe try it you can’t go wrong. So I figured sure why not, if I don’t like it Amazon will gladly take it back. Well I got it today, and tried it out and it was like a spa for my head. This vibrating scalp massaging brush is bliss. It was easy to comb my hair I normally have a terrible time brushing my hair. The brush is small, light and you can take it wherever you go. It has 2 different speed settings that will massage your head beautifully. I cannot even describe how good it felt!  The metal bristles help me cause I have really curly, damaged, frizzy hair. Normally the brush be full of hair, well their was only a few strands on the brush.


I’m not sure if it’s the vibration makes them feel so stinking good that I don’t notice the pain while I’m brushing but at this point I don’t care. I can tell you that I cannot really find anything negative except for one tiny thing wish it had like a lock feature while it’s open because it doesn’t feel firm like regular brushes. Oh did I mention that it comes with a mirror?? I love that part, perfect to touch up my make-up and such!


Here’s some info about this product:

♦ This hair brush comes with two-speed vibration massage mode to promotes head blood circulation. Does take 1 AAA battery which doesn’t come with the brush.
♦ Brush will activate head cells and rejuvenate effectively to prevent hair loss.
♦ It’s magnetic therapy helps with the shedding of dead cells and the regeneration of new ones to awaken dormant hair follicles.
♦ It’s sleek, and compact design makes it the perfect portable hair brush. Also you simply remove the brush from the handle and rinse under hot water to clean.

If you interested in buying the TOUCHBeauty Vibrating Magic brush click here please 👉🏻 TOUCHBeauty Vibrating hair brush

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