⇜ASIMOON~ Multi-purpose Lingerie Laundry Bags⇝


These bags are amazing, and they are useful for different situations. I love how you can pack your clothes in them, and use to wash your clothes as well. The large bag is perfect for dirty laundry. The medium is for my sweaters that I wash and lay down flat to dry in the dryer rack.  The 2 smaller size ones are perfect for my bras, underwear, socks, and stockings. Also, I can say that we no longer have a sock monster yup no more missing one socks! I can’t tell you enough how these bags have saved me, and my Lane Bryant and Victoria Secret bras!!

My grandma God rest her soul taught me very young to wash my undies, and bras by hand whenever I took a shower. BUT in this time and age do anyone have time for that anymore? I sure don’t but I close my eyes every time I pull one of my bras out of the washer. Hoping, and praying that they wouldn’t be twisted, bra hooks caught up onto other clothes while wrapped around tons of smaller pieces of laundry, you know what I mean. But not anymore with these perfect laundry bags, the smaller 2 sizes are perfect for this!!


The larger bags are perfect to help keep lint off my sweaters, and believe it or not to keep their shape because they aren’t being pulled all out of shape. My sweaters normally be stretched, or tangled up in other pieces of laundry and wind up having one longer sleeve than the other, come on you guys can relate, right? Other bags would almost always tear along the zipper, and only work for 1-2 times before they only serve to keep socks together. But these laundry bags are extremely well made, and they protect perfectly against any damage your washing machines makes! The material is high quality, durable and the fine mesh in these bags helps protect anything from hooking on to it. These zippers are also strong which is another feature that is hard to find on laundry bags. I highly recommend these bags to anyone, you will get 8 bags I have listed the size along with the measurements below.

2 x XL; (they measured out to be about 23.5 x 23.5 inches)
2 x L; (they measured out to be about 23.5 x 19 inches)
2 x Med; (they measured out to be about 19.5 x 15.5 inches)
2 x Small; (they measured out to be about 15 x 11.5 inches)



If you’re interested in buying these awesome bags please click here 👉🏻ASIMOON~ Lingerie Laundry Bags

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