Reusable Velcro Colored Fastening Nylon Straps


I bought these because I have tons of cords hanging everywhere on my laptop stand. My wireless charger, tablet, FitBit, Bluetooth, and laptop cords and it’s a mess. So, to keep them looking neat, and  together I needed something that was strong, and not messy looking. These reusable Velcro ties made the organizing them a breeze. Not only is the Velcro is very strong they also stay securely wrapped too. And interestingly the double-sided Velcro is easy to pull them apart, no need to struggle to separate them.


They can also be used for a variety of reasons such as attaching wires to pipes, table or desk legs, Christmas decorations such as garland, lights, and etc. They come in different colors making it easy to identify bunches of cables if you have them grouped together for any reason, if do so just don’t forget to make a note of which colors go with which cables, lol. You get 5 rolls in the following colors; white, blue, red, black, and green. Each roll has a decent amount of Velcro in it, and you just cut your own length put the rest away which is perfect so there is no waste.


I think it’s an incredible deal too, $4.99 for 5 rolls tell me that’s not a good price. You save on time, gas, and lines going to the stores versus buying from Amazon especially for this price. My only concern wish they came in other colors maybe pastel or purple my favorite lol. But I highly recommend these ties, you can’t go wrong for the money, and the amount of Velcro you get.

If you’re interested in buying these Velcro straps please click here 👉🏻Reusable Velcro Colored Fastening Nylon Straps


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