ASIMOON~ Original Handmade 100% Wool Dryer Balls


I have been using dryer balls for a while, but the ones I’ve been using are the plastic one that I must constantly replace because they crack, and they make so much noise. But they help a little with preventing the sheets, and towels from balling up into a ball. But along with these balls I still have to use fabric softener sheets to help soften, and prevent the static cling from them. Well I bought these balls and WHY did I not buy these before??? They are soft, I put all 6 of them into the dryer with my towels and not only did they soften them but prevented them from balling up. I haven’t tried putting drops of oil into them like someone mention, but that will be next on my list. The towels also dried up much faster, I was able to stop the dryer at 63 minutes instead of the normal 90 min run time that I usually have it on. Also, the towels seem to be much fluffier, softer, and no static at all.

This package brought 6 XL balls, they’re made from 100% wool and an ivory creamish color they also included a cute little storage bag to keep them in. So, it’s perfect I am definitely going to get some more so when I decide to dry large loads I can go to the laundry mat and have enough of the balls for several dryers. These are perfect when drying baby clothes, they arehypoallergenic, or anyone with sensitivities to fabric softeners, and chemicals. They last for many loads of drying and I believe after 1 use that they will last a lot longer than the plastic ones. You will also save money from buying dryer sheets, or like me replacing the plastic ones every other month.

dryerwpIf you’re interested in purchasing this wonderful dryer balls please click here👉🏻ASIMOON~ Original Handmade 100% Wool Dryer Balls

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