B. Catcher ~Snake Style Sterling Silver Adjustable Ring


This ring is very pretty it’s a simple ring but yet elegant too. The ring came well packaged and in a protective keepsake type box. I’m a size 7 1/2 and what I like about this ring is that it’s adjustable you can either close it to make it smaller or open it up to make it bigger. The snake’s body wraps around any finger you decide to put it on and it’s very comfortable to wear. You do have to be careful because it’s an adjustable ring sometimes it catches on your clothes, and etc but the stones don’t seem to catch on anything hence why the 4 stars.


This ring would make a wonderful purchase to give as a gift. The price is not expensive at all for $15.99 you can’t beat it for this beauty. It’s made out of 925 Sterling Silver with cubic zirconia imitated diamonds. Now as with all jewelry you have to take very good care to not come into contact with bleach, Sulfur-containing items, products and strong chemicals. Also, clean the ring using a jewelry polishing cloth to keep it from looking old, and tarnished.


If your interested in buying this ring for $15.99 please click here 👉🏻 B. Catcher Snake Style Sterling Silver Adjustable Ring.

I did receive this ring at a discount, and although I’m under NO obligation to post a review I’m doing so of my own free will. All of the opinions I’ve expressed are 100% truthful, unbiased, nor expected. Other than getting this ring at a discount I’ve gotten NO further monetary compensation from the seller.

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About My Rambling Reviews

This is a page I originally started to post my ramblings my reviews for items that I have gotten from Amazon. Those items I may have gotten at a discount, or free, and even though a review was not required I posted one because I love to review. But now I have evolved to reviewing my beauty box subscriptions. Once my blog is moved to a self-hosted site in the next week or so I will start my ramblings with my depression, my curly mess, and my confessions of my weight loss struggles... I hope you will follow my blog, and if you can relate to any of my struggles maybe we can help and support each other. God Bless
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