NTONPOWER~ Smart Dual AC/USB Power Strip


I purchased this power surge extension after I had purchased the travel mini version of it. I loved how the mini was well built, 2 AC outlets, and 3 USB ports I originally had it on my laptop stand but then realized it was much better suited for my headboard by my bed. As my hubby and I have separate alarm clocks, and we both put our phones to charge at night, and we still have an extra USB port to cover anything else just in case. So I got to searching to see what other power strips they had and noticed this one. It has 4 AC outlets and 4 USB ports that are perfect to replace the power surge protector and my USB extension that I had on my laptop stand. You will see what I’m talking about in the pictures below. I replaced both extensions with this one alone. All my cords are still neatly put away, the space under my laptop stand has more room. You can’t get any better than that, and all my electronics that are attached charge with no problem.


As you will see below nothing has a weak signal charging notification on it, I have 3 items attached to the USB ports, and 3 to the AC outlets. They’re no glitches or any signs that the speed of charging has slowed down or been affected. When I opened the box the power strip looks and feels is solid, heavy, well built, and super sexy. Even the box looked like it was an expensive power strip which it wasn’t compared to what I have spent at the big box retailers. I’m impressed with the value of this power strip. Also, like I stated before performance has been excellent. Now I’m not one to test the voltage amps or power that this puts out so I can’t really attest to those things. I can only attest my experience with it, you won’t be disappointed with this purchase I know I’m not!

If you’re interested in buying this Smart Power Strip by NTONPOWER FOR $13.99 please click here 👉🏻NTONPOWER~ Smart Power Strip

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3 Responses to NTONPOWER~ Smart Dual AC/USB Power Strip

  1. Holly says:

    I could seriously use the small one for the my headboard too. I thought I was the only person who done that! lol Right now I have a drop cord plugged up there so I can plug in my laptop or etc quickly when I’m in bed.

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  2. PaulaMS says:

    I feel like I am still in the dinosaur age. I have all my chargers plugged into one power strip and all my electronics plugged into another one. Having the USB ports on the strip is such a great feature. I must join you in the 21st century.


  3. Nicole Escat says:

    In my country, this is still using especially when you have a lot or need to all be charged in one power strip. I will check this out.


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