💅🏻 8 Piece Yao Shun Soak Off Gel UV Nail Polishes 💅🏻


So I had a opportunity to try this 8 piece UV gel nail polishes and for the price and total number of pieces it’s not a bad deal. You get the following 6 different gel colors purple; gray; blush pink; peach yellow; brown; blood brown you also get 1 top coat, and a base coat.

They are not supposed to cause harm to skins or nails, I didn’t get any irritation from them. They are also non-toxic no high polish smell like some are, the top coat was a little strong but out of all 8 pieces that was the only one. I applied them to my natural nail, but you can also use UV gel, acrylic, and fake nails and they all look natural.

You do require a UV/LED Lamp to cure them well I have been wearing my color for 4 days with no chipping or peeling. The bottles are very small though, so not sure how many coats you will get from each color. I have done 2 coats of the purple on myself, and my two nieces and their seems to be still a lot of polish left over.


The glass bottles are adorable, they are pink with a black top. They were packaged and wrapped really well for shipping. Although the lids were screwed on tightly, the bottles were sticky, and one had a slightly tiny leak. I would’ve given them 5 stars, but like I mentioned when I opened the SECURELY styrofoam wrapped package that was tightly taped and packed around the bottles, one of the bottles had that slight leak.

I’ve always wanted to buy gel polish but I’ve found them to be expensive like $12-$14 dollars a piece. So for one color, top, and base coat I would be paying $30 + dollars.   So far the purple I love, this color looks great and no fading and it’s been 4 days. So I am pretty happy for the price and the 8 pieces I would consider buying these again in a different set of colors.

Now my only complaint other than the one bottle slightly leaking and the rest sticky I have no clue what the names are. I had to put a dot of each color to the outside of the bottle for future reference. I would recommend buying this cute set if your looking to try out UV gel polish and not want to spend a lot for the different colors.


If your interested in trying this cute set please click here 👉🏻 8 Piece YaoShun Soak Off Gel UV Nail Polish.


Not bad almost 2 weeks and they seem to be holding up well except for where my nail is growing so you can see the edge of the end. Also my middle finger my nail broke which is why it look that way.

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